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How do I contact the Elkin Police Department?

You can call our non emergency line at 336-794-6475. Your call will be transferred to the appropriate extension.

Where is the Elkin Police Department?

The Elkin Police Department is located at 226 North Bridge St. Elkin, NC 28621. If you are unfamiliar with the Elkin area we recommend calling for directions or visiting

How do I file a complaint?

Contact the Elkin Police Department on the non emergency line above and explain that you would like to file a complaint. The person answering the phone will assist you by taking preliminary information or transferring you to a supervisor.

Are you currently hiring? How do I apply?

All current job openings can be found on our careers link as well as a complete job description for Police Officers and Telecommunicators.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

You can obtain a copy of a police report in person at the Elkin Police Department or request a copy by mail. There is a $2.00 fee in person and $3.00 fee if requested by mail. Please provide a case number if you know it. Ensure that all payments are in the form of certified check or money order if request is made by mail.

Can I remain anonymous when giving information?

Yes, we encourage any information that you can provide us. Please be as specific as possible when providing information. Keep in mind that sometimes the police department is limited on what can be done with anonymous information.

Where can I receive information about City Ordinances?

We hope to have a complete list of City Ordinances available online shortly. Please call our business line and we will provide you with the information you need.

What is the law in North Carolina regarding wearing seat belts?

Everyone in a vehicle in forward motion must wear a seat belt.

What is the law in North Carolina regarding Child Restraint Systems?

All children under the age of 16 years old must have an approved seat belt or child restraint system.

A child less than 8 years old and less than 80 pounds must be secured in a weight-appropriate restraint system.

In vehicles equipped with an active passenger-side front air bag, if the vehicle has a rear seat, a child less than five years of age and less than 40 pounds in weight shall be properly secured in a rear seat, unless the child restraint system is designed for use with air bags.

Can you please explain the Graduated Drivers License Law?

This is a complex statute with three different levels depending on the drivers age and time the driver has held such license. We recommend going to the
North Carolina Legislative website that provides a complete list of all North Carolina Statutes.

Can I arrange for a group to take a tour of the Police Department or schedule an officer to come and speak on a topic?

Absolutely, community policing is the foundation of this department and we encourage members of the community to contact us with any need they may have. We conduct many tours for organizations and speak on topics ranging from safety to crime prevention.

If I plan on going out of town on vacation, can I arrange for the Police Department to check on my house?

Yes, just call the Police Department and we will make arrangements for officers to go by your residence to conduct security checks while you are gone.

Can I obtain a copy of my criminal record at the Elkin Police Department?

No, you must go to the Surry County Clerk of Superior Court to obtain this record. We do provide local checks only for prospective apartment tenants.

Can I get fingerprinted at the Elkin Police Department?

Yes, please call in advance and make an appointment. There is a charge of $5.00 per card.

How do I find if there are registered sex offenders in the Elkin area?

Click on this link to registered sex offenders for the Elkin area.
North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

Can I talk on my cell phone if I'm under 18 years old while driving down the road?

No. If you are under 18 years old, you may only use your cell phone while driving if your parent or guardian calls or for an emergency call to "911". The Elkin Police Department encourages all persons to pull off the road before making calls on their cell phone for safety's sake.

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The Town Of Elkin, North Carolina - Elkinnc.org - Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Mailing Address: Post Office Box 857 Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Street Address: 226 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Town Hall Office Number: 336-794-6464