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Police November 22, 2017  
 Welcome to the Elkin Police Department Minimize


Mission Statement

The Elkin Police Department with community service and community policing as our foundation, will diligently strive to contribute to the community’s overall quality of life through the efficient provision and administration of services to the community and enforcement of federal and state laws and town ordinances.
Core Values

We will deliver quality services through cooperation, open communication, education, and a continuous commitment to excellence.
                We will continually earn the public’s trust by honestly and ethically performing our duties while adhering to the Constitutions of the United States and the State of North Carolina in the pursuit of community service.
                We recognize that personal and organizational ethics are essential for the Department to perform at the highest professional level to fulfill our mission.
We will treat everyone with dignity and courtesy without prejudice.
                We will be responsible for and take ownership of our actions.

2012 Police Department Activity              


Total Calls for Service 12,369



9.2% drop in index offenses from 2011    



Vehicle Stops     2410

Citations Issued  1031

Traffic Accidents  315



Total Cases Assigned  264

Closure Rate              87.5%






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The Town Of Elkin, North Carolina - Elkinnc.org - Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Mailing Address: Post Office Box 857 Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Street Address: 226 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Town Hall Office Number: 336-794-6464