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Town Properties:

Hollywood Cemetery  is located at 451 N Bridge Street, and is on the National Register of Historic Places along with Elkin's downtown and a few surrounding neighborhoods.  In 1897, Thomas Lenior Gwyn and his wife Amelia sold nearly 6 1/2 acres to the Town of Elkin for this town cemetery, located on the northwest side of what was then the "old State Road to Virginia", now N Bridge Street.  The first known mention of Hollywood Cemetery came in 1897 newspaper announcing that a monument had been erected at the grave of a Gwyn family member, Carrie Gwyn Smith, but other Gwyn family members had been buried in the cemetery since the 1870's. 

Civic & Major Interest Groups: 

  • The Elkin Jaycees, try http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elkin-Jaycees/101451559904308.
  • Elkin Lion's Club, try https://www.facebook.com/Elkin-Lions-Club-980250422046847/
  • The Yadkin Valley Rotary Club information can be found at http://www.yadkinvalleyrotary.org/. Facebook link here.
  • For information on Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce, which is in downtown Elkin, go to http://www.yadkinvalley.org/.  This includes information on the wineries, festivals, calendar of events, and business directories of Yadkin Valley...great for people who are moving into the area because they have a "Newcomers" section as well.
  • Youth outdoor activities, community service and camping trips for your children begin with scouting:  
    • For Elkin BSA Troop 648, go to their web page at http://www.elkintroop648.org/index.php. They meet at First United Methodist Church, at the scout hut on Monday evenings. Other troops are in the surrounding communities.
    • For Elkin GSA Troop, please provide us with your contact information for the girls in the community.
  • Watershed NOW is a community group that focuses on clean water education for future generation. Learn more at watershednownc.com
  • Elkin Valley Trails Association consists of volunteers who love the outdoors and creating beautiful hiking and biking trails in Elkin and beyond. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact them at their EVTA website

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