Request for Qualifications - Comprehensive Master Plan

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The Town of Elkin is seeking to engage a qualified consulting firm to develop and outline citywide policies, priorities, and implementation strategies in a Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) that reflects a unified vision for Elkin’s growth and redevelopment efforts into the year 2025.  The Comprehensive Master Plan is intended to umbrella, and create both new and updated elements to existing plans.

 The town is engaged in a Bike and Pedestrian planning grant phase, and some primary plans in place now include: a Land Use Plan, Water Infrastructure & Capital Improvement Plan, Comprehensive Transportation Plan (in conjunction with neighboring Jonesville, NC) and Economic Development Plans. 

 The Town of Elkin seeks the assistance of a company that can review our existing plans, seek community input where needed to create policies and updated/enhanced ordinances to suit the created redevelopment vision, and layout areas of priorities where existing plans are not in place such as riverfront development, gateway and major intersection designs, brownfield and infill development policies, and downtown streetscape redevelopment.


The Town of Elkin is centrally located within the Yadkin Valley Wine Region in the western corner of the Piedmont, North Carolina.  This ‘viticulture ambiance’ permeates much of the town’s marketing, in-migration and business attraction efforts, and compliments our redevelopment and industrial investment direction.  Elkin was built on the North Carolina legacy industries of textile and furniture, and is now embracing diversification efforts through supporting tourism and outdoor recreation amenities, namely trail development and walkability, as attractors to new business, investment and entrepreneurs.  We would like our gateways, streetscapes, planning and ordinances to all fall in line with meeting the visual and planning expectations of a trail town, pedestrian-friendly viticultural area destination, and rural small town.

 The population of Elkin is approximately 4,000 and is a population savvy on environmental concerns and who are proud of the quality of schools and lifestyle amenities available to the community, even though we are such a small rural town.  Our population would pride itself on progressive sustainable visions.


 The approximate RFQ schedule is summarized below:

 Issuance of RFQ: Monday, July 9, 2018

  • Deadline for Questions: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at 5pm EST
  • Vendor submittals due: Friday, July 27, 2018 at 4pm EST  at Elkin Town Hall via a PDF document by email, and if desired also by hard-copy mail or personal delivery
  • Vendor interviews and qualification reviews: Between August 6-17, 2018*
  • Vendor approval, enter negotiations, execute a professional services agreement: End of August to September, 2018*

 * Dates subject to change

Mailing Address

Post Office Box 857 Elkin, North Carolina 28621

Street Address

226 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina 28621